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Wakes every 3 hours during the night

Hi Maree, I have a 9 month old that wakes every 3 hours during the night = 10pm 1am 4am. I guess I`ve got her into a pattern where she expects a feed to resettle herself in order to go back to sleep. She is eating solids very well during the day and I breast feed her at 9am 1.30pm and 7pm. I second guess myself when I believe I should follow the settling techniques as I worry that my baby simply is thirsty and needs that feed. This is my second child. My first child pretty much slept through at 6months and didn`t seem so demanding. My concern as well is trying not to wake the whole household when I try to resettle at those early morning hours. Could you help me please.

Answer: Hi, She is definitely waking out of habit for this comfort feed and if you want to make the change you will have to stop the feed From about 6 months on a baby should be able to sleep through the night 7pm to 7am without and overnight feed. It sound like she is feeding well during the day and you could try a 10pm rollover feed which is done more to give you confidence she is not hungry when waking later during the night. When doing the settling techniques you offer a drink of water every hour so no problem there. It is a hard prgram to follow and it will be disruptive for a week or so but so is what you are doing every night already. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Nov 2007