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She insists on sleeping between us

Hi Maree, I have a 23 month old girl who doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed and insists on sleeping between us. This is probably partly my fault as i gave up on hearing her cry and being pregnant at the time (i now have an eight week old boy) much rathered the sleep than the crying. I don’t mind her sleeping in our room in her bed. But how can i make the adjustment without her screaming her lungs out. I don’t want to have two crying babies to deal with. Can you help? Carmen

Answer: Hi Carmen, This is her sleep association and unfortunately when you make a change like this it comes with much protest. I think you need to make a complete change to her own room at the same time or you will just end up with her in your bed again each night For a child to sleep independently they must go to sleep in their own bed and fall asleep on their own so when they wake later on their light sleep (as we all do) they can resettle themself. You will need to have a routine of dinner, bath, story and bed goodnight lights out When she gets up you need to put her back over and over and over again quickly and calmly just letting her know it`s time to sleep. I hope this helps. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Nov 2007