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How do you cure the catnap?

My son (10wks) sleeps right through night 7.30pm til 6.30am. However I cannot get him to sleep longer than 40 mins during the day. How do you cure the catnap? I have tried resettling but in the end just give up after 1/2hr of crying.

Also I brought the Time to Sleep DVD and would like to say that the section on settling babies doesn`t give the reality of trying to get a baby to settle - the cry on the DVD of the baby is more like a wimper.
When I started the program I was unsure when to pick up as he would get so loud and upset. For a first time mother the DVD didn`t assure me that it would work.

Answer: Hi, Some babies are just poor day sleepers and don`t make a battle out of it during the day. All babies are different but most will protest the new settling routine. We do say if baby wakes under one hour to try resettling for 15-20mins during the day and if no luck get them up and try again later, don`t make a battle out of it. I do believe the It`s Time To Sleep DVD&BOOK covers pretty much everything. We do say try settling during the day for one hour initially in blocks of 15 mins picking baby up every 15 mins for a reassuring cuddle. And offering a drink of water each hour during the night. Sometimes you need to watch the DVD a couple of time to be sure you have got all the info stored. Cheers Maree
Answered: 01 Nov 2007