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I am going crazy from sleep deprivation...

Hi Maree,
I am going crazy from sleep deprivation. My 18 month old son used to be a great sleeper when younger, sleep all night. But for the last 5 months he has been waking and crying. He used to bang his head but that has stopped. then i just needed to give him a sip of water and he would lie down and go back to sleep. Now he goes to bed no trouble at 7.30 and will wake around midnight crying, if i go straight in pick him up for a cuddle and take him out the room then i can usually get him back to sleep in 20 mins. Then he may wake again. I have tried to let him cry but that hasn`t helped, after an hour last night i went in and then he was wide awake for about 1.5 hours. if i put him in our bed he wriggles around, holding my face and nose and climbing over us. i ended up reading books with him in the lounge as i was so upset. He woke up 3 times last night. i don`t like putting it down to teething as his last 2 are coming through but this is crazy. Please give me some ideas of what to do and i hate night time.

Answer: Hi Jo, I know how hard it can be ( I used to hate night time too) This has now become his sleep association and he knows you will give in to him at night. I would suggest you follow our It`s Time To Sleep settling program and use the techniques to resettle him during the night as they are repetitive and offer a clear message that it`s time to sleep. I know it`s hard to have him protesting during the night but he is disrupting the night anyway. You can get details from `Your Baby`s Sleep` or www.itstimetosleep.com. I hope this helps and all the best. Maree
Answered: 08 Jul 2009