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Too young for solids

Hey Leanne, im a younge mum of 19 and im getting pressured to feed my 3 1/2 month baby rice, i know that babys should not start eating until later, but my partners parents said that started feeding their children at 2 months and they were fine. How bad is it for babys to eat too early and what happens so i know what to say when the pressure me again.

Answer: Hi there, young you may be but wise you are! Stick to your guns because you are absolutely right it isn’t good for baby. You bubs kidneys, digestive organs and immunity are all still developing as is her physical ability to eat food. Giving baby food at this age could potentially lead to food allergies and other immune challenges that her little pure body isn’t ready to cope with. She could experience nutrient imbalances also. You let them know you have it under good authority that baby isn’t ready yet. She should be able to sit unaided, be near 6 months, not have a tongue protrusion reflex any more, ideally have doubled in weight, show clear interest and be able to grasp objects herself. Hope that helps. All the best with it, I know it can be really hard no matter what age you are, mother-guilt is a daily occurrence for most of us. Leanne
Answered: 01 Nov 2007