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Am I doing something wrong, or is expressing not the same as breast freeding?

Hi, My name is sam, i have a two week old little boy...
At the beggining of this week i ran out of breast milk and had to put mi little one on formula...I express milk each day but i have found that my supply has gone down quit alot, i used to be able to get 100ml out of each breast but now i struggle to get maybe 60ml out of each.

Am i doing something wrong or is expressing not the same as breast freeding?

Answer: Hi There, No, you are certainly not doing anything wrong. You can find that once your milk comes in and things settle down that your supply seems to dip for a bit. It may not be for a week or two after this that your milk flow will really establish itself. I would definitely recommend asking your CHN about a lactation consultant in your area, they can be so helpful. Some say that expressing is not as efficient as a baby, certainly I found an electric pump miles better than a hand pump, and baby was better than any pump at all, so there can be differences. Keep expressing as you are, try also the Weleda Nursing tea, I found that fabulous when I needed to boost my supply, and of course relax as much as you can. It can be a real catch 22, the stress from a lowered supply can in turn affect supply and so on. On average a bub will consume about 800 mls in 24 hours (of breastmilk). To get about 80 mls per breast is very normal, so you aren’t far off it, and I imagine shortly you will be on that marker. Milk production is very much a consequence of demand; the more the demand the more the supply, but it can take 5 or more days (in my experience) to get things to where you want. So keep going, you are doing just great and its’ all very normal. You have the reassurance that baby is getting good nutrition in the meantime, so move forward confidently. Hope things look up soon, I am sure they will. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009