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Should I try him on full cream cows milk or continue with the next step of formula?

My son turns 1 in a weeks time and I am wondering how many bottles he should be having and how to wean him off them (at what age etc.). I have given him cows milk on his cereal in the morning and he eats yoghurt and cheese so should I try him on full cream cows milk or continue with the next step of formula. He has 3 bottles at the moment - one when he wakes up (200ml), one abour 3/4 hour after lunch (200ml) and one about 3/4 hour after dinner (200ml) the last one is about 1/2 hour before bedtime. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Answer: Hi Leonie, generally by the time you get to or past 12 months you can wean your bub from the bottle as you see fit. In most cases toddlers don`t require follow-on formula. Many of the adverts on TV can be... well, misleading. Unless your toddler requires additional nutrition due to illness or inadequate intake of nutritious food, follow-on formula isn`t really needed. The best source of nutrition for your toddler and their growth and immunity is by far food! Research from around the world clearly shows that even supplements don`t compare to the health benefits from whole food. So when you feel your toddler has got to a point where his eating is healthy and varied you can begin to drop the amount of formula you offer him. You can reduce the amount in one or all bottles offered, then drop one feed, followed by another. Do this gradually so it is barely noticed. Once you have it down to a smallish amount (say half of his current), you can offer him some milk (cows` or calcium enriched milk alternatives) in a sipper cup. Ideally offer after meals and snacks. About 1- 2 cups day is suffice if your toddler is also eating other calcium-rich foods. At the same time you can continue with the weaning until your little one is entirely off the bottle and on an `adult-style` routine. I have a tip sheet on Huggies on weaning and cows` milk, it explains how much milk toddlers need in order to reach their daily serving and RDI of calcium. The link is: Milk Intake I hope that helps. All the best with the transition, slow and steady Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009