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Here`s some info on a family experience with type 1 diabetes

Leanne, mine is not a question but giving some info on a family experience to do with type 1 diabetes. When my son was 9 years old he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Over the years he has had his health problems but when he was 18 he decided he wanted to be a vegetarian. I was concerned as a mother but many of his tests were coming back in the high category, unacceptable. This was hard as he had always put great pressure on himself to maintain "GOOD" blood sugar levels. Well over a period of time since becoming vegetarian most of his tests have returned to an acceptable level.
Thought you might find this of interest.

Answer: Hi There, Thanks for that! I have to confess that I personally like vegetarian-style diets, or even the pseudo ones that include fish. By and large eating like this requires more vigilance and passion towards food and meals, you can`t but benefit in this case. That`s fantastic about your son and please pass on a big `well done` to him. The more we share our experiences of food and create an environment that`s about food enjoyment and nourishment of the body and soul, the better our community will be. Perhaps we place too much emphasis on certain nutrients, or numbers and many of us miss the real point to eating. I wonder if that is where we have gone wrong in relation to food and issues such as weight. I can only imagine how reassuring the changes must be for you too! Thanks again, love to hear from members!!!! Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009