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Could it be the formula that`s making his stools really runny?

Hi leanne,im 1st time mum to a 2 month old who gets mainly breastmilk but the odd bottled formula in the evening i was just wondering if the formula ive been giving him is making his stools really runny. like hes almost lactose intolerant.the formula is NaN HA1 gold.or is it just normal for them to have very runny stools at this age? Please Help

Answer: Hi There, It is probably the formula, but this is not to say that it is a reaction to the lactose, given you are using a good formula and it is an HA one it should be easier for baby to cope with. It is quite normal for babies to have very runny poo, breastfeed particularly. Usually, formula tends to firm up their poo a little or change the colour of it. Breastmilk has quite high levels of lactose (and for good reason, it is thought to be important for the brain), but is easier to digest. Formula tends to have lower levels, but then it is made of a different animals breastmilk, so you generally find it reacts differently. All very normal. If though, you are concerned, it is easy to test for lactose intolerance, by breath test, generally from 3 months onwards. I hope that reassures you. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 29 Jun 2009