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Our five year old has been urinating excessively

Hi, I`m not sure where to go for help and thought maybe a nutrition expert might have some advise in general. Our five year old has been urinating excessively. He has wet himself at school 4 times in this year and his prep teacher says he goes to the toilet far too frequently...every hour and half or so. He has also started in the last fortnight wetting his bed at night or else in the morning weeing on the floor in his pants when he first gets out of bed. He has been night trained for about 9 months and eats well. The only change to his diet has been that I have started giving him omega3 fish oil tablets, and his wetting started previous to this. He is very smart but often distant and struggles to concentrate sometimes. He says he is not sore so we are not too concerned about an infection. I hope you might at least be able to point me in the direction of some help.
Thanks. Christine.

Answer: Hi Christine, I would pop into see your GP with this, there are a few reasons why young children, especially around this age, can start to urinate frequently. Generally there are other symptoms that occur at the same time, but it would be ideal to have your son checked out by a health care professional with diagnostic tools at his or her finger tips. Cross fingers that all is well, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009