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Could you please tell me how nutritious (or not) Nutella is?

Dear Leanne, could you please tell me how nutritious Nutella is/is not for a 3-year-old as an alternative/addition to vegemite which she loves?

Answer: Hi There, I have to confess to not being a big fan personally of Nutella, it has reasonably high levels of saturated fat, from memory (check this on the ingredients panel) it also has a few additives, almost 50% simple sugars, and is high in sodium. Nutella is on the GE -Free list by the True Food Network people where as Vegemite isn`t. I really love almond paste as a nut-based topping, it is additive free, a good source of calcium and healthy oils (I like Melrose 100% Almond Spread, you can get it in the health food section of most supermarkets). So that`s the facts, to be honest, I am not a purist, a little bit of something like Nutella or Vegemite in an otherwise healthy diet won`t cause a nutritional issue, but for regular toppings that`s where the `clean` pastes are great. Hope that helps, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009