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She`s nearly 3 but still needs to be hand-fed

Hi Leanne,
My Caitlin has always been a small eater since birth. As an infant she never finish her bottles, when she was on solid she only has a few spoonful. Now she is no longer on formula except for fresh milk for nap and bedtime, 3 bottles a day. She only have a few bites then run off, we have to hand fed her, tricked her to have some more. As a result, she`s nearly 3 but still needs to be hand-fed.

Now she goes to childcare 2days a week, she doesn`t eat at all, some day she would eat but small portion only because no one there to force her or feed her. She hasn`t gain weight in 2 months.

Her condition doesn`t really worry me as I know children all different, if you can find a way to improved her feeding that would be great.

Thanks Leanne.

Answer: Hi There, If Caitlin is on 3 bottles of milk a day it is possible that this is interfering with a range of things. I would recommend seeing a feeding expert about how to move things towards food and also just to check all Caitlin`s mechanics are in order. Below are some feeding clinic links, they are few and far between unfortunately, so the other option is to consult a paediatric speech pathologist or an early childhood expert. Probably the former in order to check that Caitlin can chew and swallow okay. The latter would be good for addressing the issue of being hand feed. Aussie: www.nofussfeeding.com.au NZ: www.paediatricfeedingdisordersclinic.co.nz/index.htm Tresillian resources – routines etc: http://www.cs.nsw.gov.au/tresillian/resources.htm I also wrote a tip sheet on milk so you can see some more info on the perils of excessive milk, the link is: Milk Intake It can seem like a good backup, that your preschooler is consuming at least milk but its composition is such that out of balance it can present issues. At the very least it is a good point to start with. I hope that helps with a starting point. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009